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Abammeli Bamalungelo Abantu is a trust whose objective is to fight for the human rights of communities in Matabeleland and promote development of law in Zimbabwe.


Abammeli Bamalungelo Abantu, a Trust dedicated to advocating for the human rights of marginalized communities in Matabeleland, faced significant challenges in effectively supporting and empowering marginalized communities due to the lack of a website. Without an online platform, the Trust struggled to raise awareness about human rights issues affecting marginalized communities and provide them with vital information and resources. The absence of a centralized hub made it difficult for community members to access support services, legal aid, and educational programs aimed at promoting their awareness of fundamental human rights. Additionally, the Trust found it challenging to engage with stakeholders, attract donors, and facilitate collective action to address the human rights concerns of marginalized communities. To address these challenges, Abammeli recognized the urgent need to develop a comprehensive website that would serve as a vital resource hub that promotes and protects the human rights of marginalized communities in Matabeleland.


Beedesigned Studio was instrumental in crafting a comprehensive online platform. The solution included a visually appealing home page that introduced the Trust’s mission and encouraged further exploration. The About Us page provided in-depth information about the organization, highlighting its dedication to protecting human rights in marginalized communities. The team page showcased the passionate individuals behind the Trust, and the resources page served as a centralized hub for empowering materials. Additionally, a floating button ensured easy access to key actions throughout the website. With Beedesigned Studio’s expertise, Abammeli Bamalungelo Abantu established a commanding online presence, elevated advocacy efforts, and forged connections with a broader range of stakeholders.

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