Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

Academy for Women Entrepreneurs

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AWE is dedicated to empowering women entrepreneurs in Zimbabwe by providing them with practical skills and knowledge to establish sustainable businesses and enterprises.Through an inclusive learning community, women from around the country will be given opportunities to explore the fundamentals of business, including creating business plans and raising capital.


The AWE website required a revamp due to challenges. Firstly, the absence of an About Us page made it difficult for potential students to understand the academy’s story, values, and goals. This lack of information hindered their ability to determine how the academy could assist them in achieving their career goals. Additionally, the website lacked an alumni page, which could have been a valuable resource for past cohort members. The page could have connected them with professional contacts and other academy members, providing networking opportunities that could have aided their careers. Furthermore, the website lacked clear call-to-actions (CTAs) that could guide first-time visitors and provide direction amidst overwhelming information. This made it challenging for potential students to navigate the website and find the necessary information. These issues combined resulted in a website that was not user-friendly and did not effectively communicate the academy’s value to potential students. To address these challenges, Beedesigned has been tasked with revamping the AWE website, focusing on creating a visually appealing, simple design with an easy-to-read layout.


The revamped AWE website by Beedesigned boasts a visually pleasing and user-friendly platform that effectively showcases the academy’s values, goals, and successes. The website’s comprehensive layout serves as a clear map to the entire academy, ensuring easy navigation and access to relevant information. With a consistent color scheme and design elements, the website establishes a strong brand identity and creates a cohesive look and feel. The Alumni Section provides a dedicated space for former participants to connect and network, fostering a sense of community and ongoing engagement. For prospective participants, the website offers a streamlined application process through its Apply section. It provides comprehensive information on eligibility requirements, application deadlines, and clear instructions, simplifying the application procedure and increasing the likelihood of successful applications. A key highlight of the website is the inclusion of success testimonies from current participants and alumni. These stories and testimonies effectively demonstrate the academy’s impact on their lives and careers, inspiring and motivating prospective participants to explore further. By showcasing these personal stories, the website helps potential applicants understand the potential benefits and opportunities that await them if they are accepted into the academy. Additionally, the inclusion of success testimonies also helps to build trust and credibility in the academy’s program, as it provides real-life examples of individuals who have achieved success through their participation.

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