Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe

Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe

About the client

The Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe (ASZ) is a volunteer driven organization that represents, supports and promotes the actuarial profession in Zimbabwe.


The primary challenge was to create a dynamic and informative website that would effectively communicate ASZ’s vision and objectives. The website needed to showcase the society’s ambition of achieving global recognition by promoting and representing the actuarial profession in Zimbabwe while elevating the standard of actuarial work and enhancing actuaries’ reputation in the region. To meet these goals, the website required essential features, including a captivating homepage, dedicated sections for membership details and events, comprehensive information on becoming an actuary, a blog for sharing thought-provoking articles, a detailed ‘About’ section, and prominently displayed contact details to facilitate easy communication with ASZ. Beedesigned Studio’s mission was to design and develop an aesthetically appealing and user-friendly website that would serve as an effective platform for ASZ to engage its members and the wider community, solidifying its position as a leading authority in the actuarial domain in Zimbabwe. Through this project, Beedesigned Studio sought to help ASZ achieve its vision of being recognized globally and harmonizing the standards of actuarial work to enhance the reputation of actuaries in Zimbabwe.


Beedesigned Studio successfully delivered a modern, responsive website for the Actuarial Society of Zimbabwe (ASZ), featuring clear navigation and engaging content. The visually appealing redesign, aligned with ASZ’s vision, effectively communicates the society’s ambition to elevate the actuarial profession in Zimbabwe. The user-friendly member registration platform simplifies the membership process and ensures a seamless experience for new members. Additionally, the resource center, with its wealth of actuarial resources, research papers, and educational materials, serves as a comprehensive hub for both members and the wider community. With mobile optimization, speed optimization, security measures, and ongoing maintenance in place, ASZ’s website has become a dynamic and engaging platform that showcases the society’s mission, engages its target audience, and significantly enhances its reputation as a leading authority in the actuarial domain in Zimbabwe.

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