Bulembe Farm

Bulembe Farm

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Bulembe Farm is a family-run business that combines their passion for farming and community empowerment by engaging in animal husbandry , crop cultivation , training workshops and consultancy services. Through these activities, they aim to not only sustain their own farming business but also contribute to the development of the community.


Bulembe Farm, a passionate enterprise specializing in animal husbandry and cropping in Fort Rixon, Zimbabwe, recognized a pressing challenge: the lack of an online presence was hindering their ability to effectively showcase their high-quality products, connect with potential clients, and achieve their ambitious vision of becoming the largest exporter of breeding stock and goat meat in Zimbabwe by 2025. Without a website, they were unable to tap into the vast opportunities offered by digital platforms, limiting their reach and growth potential in the competitive market. The absence of a comprehensive online platform impeded their ability to engage with farmers, supermarkets, abattoirs, food processing companies, and students who could benefit from their products and services. To overcome this challenge and unlock new avenues for business success, Bulembe Farm sought a solution that would create a professional and user-friendly website to effectively communicate their vision, showcase their offerings, and attract a wider range of clients. Despite the traditional perception that farmers may not require a website to promote their work, Bulembe Farm recognized the importance of embracing modern technology and realized that having a website would not only promote their work but also modernize their approach and expand their market presence.


To overcome these challenges, Beedesigned Studio provided a comprehensive solution by designing and developing a visually appealing and user-friendly e-commerce website for Bulembe Farm. The website effectively conveyed the farm’s vision, showcased its diverse range of products and services, and attracted a wide clientele, including farmers, supermarkets, abattoirs, food processing companies, and students. The website consisted of key pages such as the Home page, Shop page, About Us page, Gallery page, Contact Us page, and Training page, all meticulously crafted to deliver a seamless online experience. Through compelling content creation, the website highlighted Bulembe Farm’s expertise in animal husbandry and crop cultivation, emphasizing their unwavering commitment to quality and community empowerment. The Shop page enabled customers to easily browse and purchase breeding stock and goat meat products directly from the website. The Gallery page showcased captivating visuals and testimonials, instilling trust and credibility among prospective clients. The Contact Us page provided essential contact information, facilitating seamless communication between Bulembe Farm and its customers. Furthermore, the website is integrated with a WhatsApp training platform, allowing interested individuals to access and enroll in the farm’s training programs. This integration not only enhanced the user experience but also provided a convenient and personalized way for users to engage with the farm’s team in real time.

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