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Beedesigned Studio took on a challenging UX project for Sigma Technologies, a company driven by passionate Southern Africans committed to investing in the region and fostering development through international partnerships. The main hurdle was the inadequate mail and package delivery infrastructure in parts of Africa, specifically Botswana and Zimbabwe, hindering e-commerce participation and access to essential shipping services. The lack of reliable geolocation data further complicated the issue, making it difficult to locate addresses even in urban areas. To address this, Beedesigned Studio was tasked with designing a mobile app (Cloudress) that empowered users to generate virtual addresses instantly, utilizing designated third-party storage facilities with addressable locations for leasing virtual addresses. Alongside, a user-friendly dashboard was proposed for storage facility owners to efficiently manage shipments. The solution was expected to also provided shipment delivery status notifications, bridging the gap in mail and package delivery infrastructure and enhancing accessibility for individuals and businesses in Botswana and Zimbabwe, aligning with Sigma Technologies’ vision of empowering Southern Africa as a global tech hub.


Cloudress bridges the gap in mail and package delivery infrastructure, enhancing accessibility for individuals and businesses in Botswana and Zimbabwe. This user-friendly application provides users with a virtual address to receive mail and shipments through designated third-party storage facilities that are addressable and have storage space to lease as virtual addresses. With a simple and intuitive interface, users can easily generate a virtual address, select a plan that suits their needs, and personalize their mailbox number. Once goods are received and processed by the storage facility, the system automatically sends notifications to the recipient via email or mobile application notification. The My Orders module within the application provides users with a comprehensive view of their received goods. Users can access a summary of the items and estimate the charges associated with each item, which vary based on the selected plan. This transparency enables users to manage their expenses effectively.

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