Girls in Tech Zim

Girls in Tech Zim

About the client

Girls in Tech Zimbabwe (GITZ) is a vibrant community that empowers and inspires aspiring female tech leaders. They connect students and professionals with mentors, promoting learning, growth, and career development. GITZ also emphasizes soft skills and challenges gender stereotypes in the tech industry.


Girls in Tech Zimbabwe (GITZ) is an organization that aims to foster innovation and creativity in the tech industry while empowering and inspiring the next generation of female tech leaders. However, they faced the challenge of lacking an effective online platform to showcase their community activities, connect with aspiring female tech professionals and students, and provide valuable opportunities and information. To overcome this challenge and achieve their goal of supporting women in technology, GITZ required a website with easy registration, member profiles, and mobile responsiveness for seamless access on different devices. Fortunately, GITZ won a website giveaway competition hosted by Beedesigned Studio, enabling them to create a comprehensive website that accurately represented the vibrant GITZ community and facilitated the growth and scalability of their initiatives.


Beedesigned Studio collaborated with Girls in Tech Zimbabwe (GITZ) to create a comprehensive website that addressed their specific needs and objectives. The website design is engaging and informative, allowing visitors to discover GITZ and access relevant information about their mission, activities, and how to get involved. The design elements effectively showcase GITZ’s brand identity, reinforcing its credibility and increasing brand visibility within the tech community. Content management tools are implemented to enable administrators to easily upload and manage programs, stories, and resources. Advanced analytics provide valuable insights into user engagement, popular content, and community trends, allowing GITZ to refine its initiatives and programming based on actionable data. The website serves as a central hub for individuals to learn about GITZ’s activities, access resources, and actively participate in the vibrant community of female tech professionals and students.

What we did
Web development
UI Design
User Testing
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