Quantum Leap Africa

Quantum Leap Africa

About the client

QLA enhances the intellectual and educational environment in Africa by catalyzing top quality high impact research in data science, smart systems engineering and drives the future IT revolution through quantum science.


QLA (Quantum Leap Africa), the client, approached Beedesigned Studio with the challenge of upgrading their outdated website to meet modern standards and address several issues hindering its effectiveness. The existing website, quantumleapafrica.org, suffered from a lack of contemporary design and an inadequate number of pages, resulting in the inability to provide comprehensive information about their organization and initiatives. Furthermore, the website contained outdated and irrelevant content, leading to confusion among visitors and potential stakeholders. Navigating the website proved to be a cumbersome experience, with slow loading times and an unintuitive layout, hampering user engagement and retention. To address these challenges, Beedesigned Studio’s task was to revamp the website, infusing it with a modern and visually appealing design, expanding the number of pages to ensure detailed and up-to-date information about QLA’s activities and initiatives. Additionally, a directory for researchers and students was required to facilitate better collaboration and information sharing. Performance optimization was crucial to enhance the website’s speed and improve navigation, making it more user-friendly and encouraging increased user engagement with QLA’s mission and objectives. Through this project, Beedesigned Studio aimed to empower QLA with an upgraded website that effectively showcases their work, fosters meaningful connections with researchers and students, and provides a seamless user experience that aligns with the organization’s vision of driving progress in the field of Quantum Leap research and initiatives in Africa.



Beedesigned Studio has successfully transformed the QLA website, creating a platform that effectively communicates QLA’s mission and establishes them as a leading force in quantum leap research and initiatives in Africa. The revamped website now features a dynamic blog page for sharing valuable insights and updates, an events page that highlights upcoming conferences and workshops, and a career form that enables aspiring professionals to explore opportunities directly through the website. A news section keeps visitors informed of the latest developments, while a people directory facilitates collaboration among researchers and students. Additionally, the website offers three comprehensive training courses to enhance knowledge and skills. With its modern design, optimized performance, and user-friendly navigation, the QLA website provides an upgraded platform that showcases QLA’s work.

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