About the client

Shumbanation is a Bulawayo-based leading sound and service provider that caters to the events management needs of business and social communities in Zimbabwe and internationally.


Beedesigned Studio was tasked with the project of revamping Shumbanation’s outdated website to make it more appealing to their target audience. The client’s primary objective was to create a modern, eye-catching website that would attract their desired clients effectively. They emphasized the importance of interactivity and sought to ensure that visitors would quickly understand their company’s identity, services, and contact information. Specifically, the client requested a prominent WhatsApp floating button on every page of the website to facilitate easy communication. Beedesigned Studio’s challenge was to redesign and develop a visually engaging, user-friendly website with seamless interactivity and clear communication of the client’s brand and contact details to enhance their online presence and engagement with potential customers.


Beedesigned Studio successfully delivered a revamped website that met all of these requirements, providing the client with a dynamic online platform to connect with their audience effectively. The revamped website effectively communicates the company’s offerings and supports business growth. Through a comprehensive revamp, several key features were implemented to enhance the user experience. The new homepage acts as a guide, leading visitors through the entire website. It captivates their attention and encourages exploration. A dedicated page was created to provide a concise overview of Shumbanation’s services, highlighting the unique value proposition of the company. Furthermore, separate pages were developed for each service offered – sound, lighting, and photography. These pages feature client portfolios that showcase Shumbanation’s expertise and quality of work. To encourage engagement, prominent call-to-action buttons are strategically placed throughout the service pages. By implementing these enhancements, Visitors can now easily understand the company’s identity, explore their range of services, and find all relevant information with ease.

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