About the client

Sleek is a high-end fashion store based in Bulawayo focused on casual,formal and corporate wear.


Beedesigned Studio was tasked with creating a website that would serve as a digital storefront and effectively showcase the client’s unique offerings. With a walk-in shop in the Byo CBD and a separate corporate wear design and printing service, the client aimed to establish an online presence that would set them apart as a touch of class, unrivaled by competitors. Despite not knowing of any competitors with websites, the client recognized the importance of staying ahead in the digital landscape. The challenge for Beedesigned Studio was to develop a website that not only displayed the extensive product catalog but also incorporated a Chatbot for live chat and customer support to enhance user engagement and convenience. The website’s successful completion would be a crucial step in solidifying the client’s position as a standout player in the retail and corporate wear market, leaving competitors struggling to match their online presence and customer experience.


Beedesigned Studio delivered a digital storefront website for the client, showcasing their unique designs and establishing a strong online presence. Our team optimized the website for fast loading times, easy navigation, and accessibility, resulting in a seamless user experience. The website displays an extensive product catalog and incorporates a Chatbot for live chat and customer support, enhancing user engagement and convenience. The website effectively communicates the client’s value proposition and engages with their audience, solidifying their position as a standout player in the retail and corporate wear markets.

What we did
UI Design
Web development
Ecommerce development
Ecommerce website
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