STEPUP Standard

STEPUP Standard

About the client

STEPUP Standard Limited is an environmentally conscious organisation that seeks to train and mentor young people to participate in climate and environmental management for sustainable development in Uganda.


Beedesigned Studio was tasked with developing a website to effectively showcase STEPUP Standard Limited’s mission of empowering young Ugandans to participate in ecosystem management, climate action, and sustainable development. The challenge involved highlighting their unique approach, which focuses on equipping young individuals with knowledge and skills through a comprehensive model of training, internships, and mentorship. The website needed to incorporate essential features such as information about the organization, their work, and the courses offered. The goal was to communicate STEPUP’s mission clearly, showcase their programs, and provide a user-friendly experience to encourage engagement from potential course participants and partners in supporting their initiatives.


Beedesigned Studio created a user-friendly website for STEPUP Standard. The website features a dedicated course page with engaging visuals and concise content to highlight the value and benefits of participating in STEPUP’s courses. An intuitive apply page simplifies the application process for interested individuals. A dedicated page highlights STEPUP’s initiatives and success programs, inspiring potential partners and course participants to get involved and support the organization’s mission. The website’s design prioritizes user-friendliness, featuring intuitive navigation and responsive layouts that adapt to various devices. Clear call-to-action buttons strategically placed throughout the website encourage visitors to take action and engage with STEPUP.

What we did
Brand Identify
UI Design
Web development
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